Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turning to a new direction ...

Hi all (whoever is still with me), plans of revamping the site has back fire (which is obvious given that this page hasn't been updated for more than ½ a year).

My life has moved the 'artist' in me in the back burner, and somewhat brought up the 'writer' in me to center stage. The reason is because with all the heck that's in my life right now + being broke + school + having no social life hasn't really motivated m in doing anything creative, however, it has made me look at like at a different perspective (more of a 'life sucks' approach)

I haven't fully given up on this blog, but will be delayed indefinitely (probably after exams).

In the meantime, I would be focusing my time to a new blog (which isn't right because i should be focusing on study managerial accounting right now), called 'Stuck in between delusion and reality'

Anyways, please visit my secondary website to hear what sucks in my life and why the world is messed up in my perspective.

Hopefully while reading my new blog, it would give you a new perspective in life, or at least make you feel better that you're life isn't the worst one yet.

Why am i creating a new blog 'i hear you all cry' (professor Anderson, probably one of the top profs in uoft)? Well, its because drawing stuff requires more effort than writing, plus this beats therapy (joking, well, 99.9% of the time).

Anyways, say tunes as i'd probably talk about this blog on my other blog ....

Thanks for tuning in, this place is on hiatus (just like my favourite shows) but please redirect yourselves to the temporary blog.

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