Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On a temporary HIATUS ...

Too much school work and upcoming exams to worry about right now.
Maybe an odd post now an then, but will be officially on hiatus from blogging til Dec 11 when insanity is at sustainable levels ..

Hope everyone has a good 2ish weeks!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 22 '08

Buildup of assignments ... argh ... to the point of insanity .. almost ...
So tired, finished up all my readings for this week so i can spend time on my assigments. Exams in t-minus 2ish weeks. Helped mom with some of her take-home assignments ... she's a seamstress, so it means that: me and sewing needle = bandages! Braain soo tired, woke up at 9am and right now i'm exhausted for some reason. Its weird because sometimes i'd wake around 8ish and don't sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning, argh, its the school work that's draining all my energy. TV watching doesn't seem to work right now, things i supposively find funny aren't making me laugh ... especially just minutes ago MADtv made a music video parody of Britney Spears' Womanizer ... i swear it looked hilarious, but brain didnt even want to comprehend ...

Winter seems to have arrived early, unlike other things ie winter break, weather outside sucks. Can't ride bike, afraid of slipping. Everytime i walk on the slippery sidewalks, my running shoes make an extra loud sqeeking sound... i think i have a limp, or abnormal walking patterns...

I'm just gonna end it here, sleepy ..
Nite all, hope the weather gets better.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chilly Wednesday ....

Yay its wednesday yet again! Nay for waking up @ 5am! Watched infomercials while eating breakfast ... no wonder they put these on during the weee hours in the morning, everything looks soo cool, you brain has neither waken up or can comprehend anything. Its funny that when you watch it during regular hours, your thinking 'who the heck would by that?!?!', but, when you watch that same infomercial at 2 or 5 in the morning, suddenly you think, 'how can i carry on with my life without this little contraption?' The Dr. Ho infomercials freak me out no matter what time of day it is, but the first time watching it @ 5ish, i was drawn that i need to detoxify and stuff. Oww and they showed the steamer thingy that replaces the iron, and some kind of workout video, and Mr. T selling some kind of conventional oven/pot do-hickey. My favourite on the the Slim-n-Luft infomercials where they said it was a celebrity secret. I always imagined a celebrity gettingn on the chunky side, wore that corset type thing. They would later on go to a movie premiere with a stunning dress, and all of a sudden, all you feel is a earthquake, people running and screaming, the celebritie's body starts to morph,fat trying to escape, and then that corset thing explodes revealing her true self .... i think it would be funnier in cartoon with the sound effects and all,like putting "BOOOOOIINNNNGGG" when the corset explodes :) Argh, my imagination is out of control again!

This week i caught up with my accouting readings and eco readings (usually i read and take notes because i get bored reading material twice), just finished catching up with sociology readings and will be writing notes on that after this blog, and 3/5ths through on my law assignment/case. Learned from sociology readings that internet doesnt prove the extremes (ie make you isolated from whole world) but enhances the way you communicate with others ... well i hope i interpreted that correctly ... Onc again i am in the library, trying to get something done in the next 3 hours before my next class. I have my wednesdy usual, Grande Iced Green Tea and an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from Starbucks! I cant have that everyday because it would a. break my wallet and b. throw off my whole routine. Plus, i need soemthing good to keep me up for an additional 4 hours after waking up early and having class from 8-10. I now feel the sam pain as my nursing friends with their messed up schedules...

I don't like how the weather is headed, not tat i dont like winter ... winter brings soo much joy ie WINTER BREAK, holidays, sugar, boxing day, excuse for staying home and sleep, making snow-stuff etc and brings soo much sorrow ie argh EXAMS, wind-chill, end of the year what did i do in my life, increase chance of being sick etc. I dunno why, but i like shoveling snow, i think its fun! Im probably a really messed up kid. Seriously i will shovel your walkways, driveway etc without any attitude (but a monetary/non-monetary fee would hurt either :)) Argh, I had to take the TTC today (it was like the 1st from 2 1/2 months of riding bike), i dont like it anymore. I had to take the TTC because of the windchill and the fact that my mom warned me that it would be crazy snowing in the morning. Waiting for the bus makes me frustrated. I feel that my patience has shrunking ever since i started to ride my bike to get to places. I need some kind of exercise (or some kind of movement), winter means goodies = more chunky-ness at the mid point! Last year around new years, I made a snow Brian (from Family Guy), aww he was the best snowdog i ever made in my entire life, he had his collar, his black nose (which blew away because i used a cut out of a garbage bag) and he was holding onto a beer bottle! Argh, i took a picture of it too! But, apparantly i didn't save it on a PC and now i dunno where to go to search it ... Oh well, (hopefully) we are gonna have some kind of crazy snowstorm and i can rebuild it ... and hopefully the neighbours dog wouldn't mark its territory on it (i say that because before, they never owned a dog). Owww, or better yet, my family actually finds a decent house and we move in before the big snowstorm and then i could debut my snow-brian version 2 ... or maybe that would be a bad idea (lonely/only child in her 20s building a snow figure ... might bring out some unwanted 1st impressions).

Maybe i will take up something in the winter ... i promised myself that during the summer, since i wasnt going to class i should do something ... apparently i didnt, and chances are i wouldn't be during winter ... but will make effort to try.

I was looking into getting a minor in sociology with a specialist in accounting. I dunno why, i think sociology is pretty interesting, plus i am on my way of getting 2.5 credits on sociology, why not drag it out to 4? Extra credits are fine by me, I'm just gonna be paying for it and such ... and with the recent economy and the layoffs, maybe i want to stay in school for a little longer and get a McJob ... Oh, and then i saw a brochure about cinema studies that i couldnt keep my eyes off and then i started thinking if i should get a minor in cinema studies ... yeah ... that would probably be too much on my plate ... And i was wondering it i get my degree, if i can take a minor at st george ... meh ... maybe ill think about it during the summer of whenever i graduate ....

Can't wait till school is over, Dec 10, which is my law exam. And then i can put my worries aside until january rolls along. I wonder how the York students are coping withe the strike.. its still on right?

I think i should start writing my notes for sociology, hopefully this long essay length posts will somewhat replace my minor paragraphs from the previous days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 16 '08

Thought that i should write something, even if they're one-liners. Going crazy with assignments. Head hurts ... wonder if can blame on landlord and chemicals ... Need to do more homework .. tired ... on a bad sugar-crash laptop burning lap ... argh ... tomorrow's monday ...nooooo!

Probably write something while waiting for bus tomorrow ...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 15 '08

Homework, rain and neighbours are not a good mix. Weather sucks! Still working on a lot of stuff. Watched Rocknrolla, i recommend it for those who like action movies! Now moving from computer-less homework to computer intensive homework. Stupid upstair neighbours ... not sanitary, attracts cockroaches. Landlord said needed to spray some sort of chemical around 11am today and we had to move tons of stuff to do so. They came around 2ish and only sprayed (not sprayed, more of sprits) for a minute or so, and said that the chemicals were harm-free. Either that they didnt really spray, or some kind of cheap-imitation, or that they are very cheap and dont wanna waste money. Meh, we'll see the re-percussions in the weeks to come ... if memory loss persists, its probably not a good sign. Argh, stupid upstair neighbours keep on using my internet line as a clothesline ... And their damn dog is running around upstairs as if it was a racetrack.

Sorry for all the negative... stuff ... I can't wait till i finish up all my homework for this week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend (or whats left of it)!
And for those who are going to the Santa Clause Parade, dress warmly, it's looks like its gonna be chilly november weather tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

omg new Watchmen trailer!

I saw the teaser trailer mid-summer, i had no clue what Watchmen are, but the trailer was soo intriguing ... yet so disturbing ... like the car-wreck theory that my friend told me about ... so wrong, but can keep eyes off. Read the graphic novel, so interesting! I'm not the type to read graphic novels/manga/anime etc, i only read comic strips like Mutts. Anyways, now hooked, must watch movie, to be released March 6, 2009. I remember the date because it's a multiple of 3 ... yes, i would like to incorporate school as much as possible... And yes, Dr Manhattan (the blue guy) does scare me a little ... he has no pupils, but you have to read the graphic novel to understand his appearance.

Too much redings crossing eyes, debating if i should catch movie or go to AGO re-opening ... maybe will go Saturday to take pics, i'm pretty sure tomorrows gonna be littered with people .: no decent pics.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yay it's Wednesday yet again!

Didn't post yesterday because i was 1/2 lazy and 1/2 tried. Law class finished, just using these 4 hours before next class to do work and such. I remember i was suppose to draw something yesterday, but memory too weak, don't know what's suppose to be done. Have my trusty starbucks grande iced green tea at hand, hoefully the coldness will keep me awake. Thank god its wednesday, which means another week has almost flown by, which means that winter holiday is coming ... and exams are coming ... and assignments are all due ...

The sense of stress and urgency hasnt kicked in yet ... either i'm fully prepared, or will suffer the wrath in the days before exams/due dates. Soo sleepy in library... eww, someone sprits some kind of perfume that reminds me of those marshmallow strawberry things from the corner store ... The first few tastes soo good, and after that its just tastes like sugar. Need food to operate ...

Can't believe that in approx. 2 months time, its gonna be 2009. What happened to 2008??? Owww, boxing day! That just popped into thin air, need to buy huge-mungo camera just like the papparazzi!!! Need new running shoes because these one's make me sound like some kinda walking chew toy.

Starting to yawn, argh, some girl left the 'silent zone' and left the music from the laptop blazing from the headphones.... Sounds like really annoying white noise ....

Maybe I'll have something interesting to post tomorrow ...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Its monday, yet again ...

Today before heading out to school, went to get a sugary drink from corner store so I can be semi-alert during class, just when i left the house, it started to flurry, like big snowflakes kind of flurries ... damn it, i though, winter is coming! BUT it was weird because as soon as i got to the store to get a drink, it stopped flurry-ing. Argh, i dont like umpredictable weather!

Approximately 1 month before exams. Tons of essays and assignments due ... but not stressed ... yet. Read article for canadian economic history, something about wages and land prices in the 19th/20th century, mostly based on Ontario and Prairie provinces, and something about the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway, not the other thing with the 'breath of life' and someone in some sort of medically unstable state) selling land at low prices ... and then I forgot the rest. Read law assignment, was pretty confusing, not the legal issues that is, but to follow the story, thrown in so many circus stuff and barber stuff ... i don't like clowns ... unless it's Krusty the Klown! No offense to the clowns out there reading this, I blame it on Moulin Rouge which we watched it during grade 9 french class ... argh those clowns were creepy! I wasn't able to finish reading the leases chapter for accounting, i left the photocopies at home, but, i started to read the project regarding BCE, but i was more interested in their business and operations rather than the accounting, nitty gritty sorts of stuff. I need to start reading law, tomorrow, not today, i am still yawning from whatever i did before i was yawning.

Should blame my sleep deprivation on the upstair neighbours ...

Need new running shoes, soles worn out, the air cushion bursted so i'm a little lop-sided right now, plus i think i have some sort of weird limp going on on my right foot (not due to yesterdays accident, which are healing very well, but i dont like these extra bumps) which results to a squeek-ing (yes i know i spelled that wrong) sound everytime i take a step on my right foot ... it sounds very awkward, especially when i walk through a deserted hall, or when people are talking a test.

8:25 pm, shold stop blogging, now will wait for the shuttle...
Nite all!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Was suppose to write something elaborate about school, this week in tv, and the movie i watched on friday, but wanna finish all reading for the week so i have a little free time everyday to prep for exams which is about exactly 1 month away. Finished reading sociology readings, learned relationship between race & widowhood, and how your network and the roles you play in society can help you battle influenza. I hope i interpreted those right ... In the middle of reading Leases chapter for accounting. Need to read article for upcoming essay and catch up on law readings.

Went grocery shopping, didn't watch road for cracks, wiped out. Left knee semi- swollen, hurt like a b*tch in the first 10 minutes, but slowly became an annoyance rather than pain. Also, my left knee is the the 'funky knee' beciase it seems like the bone extended a little to far, so when my knees are bent 90 degrees, you can see a little abnormities comparing left and right. Meh, its okay, I'm assymetrical anyways. Big ass bruise on the right side of leg. Hopefully i will learn from my mistakes and ride over those annoying mini speed-bumps rather thn go through the gap of the middle. Should i blame my recklessness on the liquor filled Grand Marnier chocolates i had? I swear it says artificial flavouring ... I much prefer those Malibu chocolates instead ...

Madagascar was pretty good, mostly because of the viewing experience, people were either in school or at work, so theatre was nice and empty, and popcorn was good, especially the fact that i didnt have lunch yet, and it wasnt all oily and nasty. Owww, the beginning where they show the Dreamworks logo was hilarious! Would draw a picture, dont feel like it today ... will push it to Tuesday or something. The beginning few minutes of the movie was soo sad ... For some reason, Madagascar reminded me of the Indiana Jones franchise. I think my favourite part are the penguins! Them and their evil schemes. Skipper (head penguin) could of done better at the end! I have lost a little respect and credibility of him, unless someone can convince me otherwise. Did you know that they have the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon in the works? If i can recall, they are going to show it in January 2009 on Nick (elodeon)? But, i think they changed the voice actors from the movie, so it might sound different. I dont have cable (or wanna announce i wanna watch a kids channel) but i would definately watch it va internet or wherever possible. Argh, that old lady that beat up Alex the Lion is back, she's a whole different evil. Try to guess the actor that portrays the new chaaracters, you'd be pleasantly surprised on how wrong you can be!
Still wanna watch RocknRolla, Rachel Geting Married and now Marley and Me out on Christmas (oww, Jennifer Aniston will be on 30 Rock this week!).

Didn't watch any new tv recently except 30 Rock because its the only show i like thats on one of 'my channels', but its usually reruns and such. Much catch up on Pushing Daisies and Private Practice. Dont really watch Grey's Anatomy anymore, but still wondering why the actor that plays Dr. Hanh isn't on the show anymore? Rumour is they wanna tone down the 'lez scenes', but if they dont do it, wouldnt some other channel do it for the ratings? Meh, never got the tv biz.

Hope y'all have a good week! Dont worry, the weekend is only a few short days away!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 8 '08

Yes, last minute bloggin again. Watched Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, will have some sort of review tomorrow. Watched the movie on a Friday afternoon, I like it, the theatre that is, soo empty, got best seat even though late. Wanted to print out stuff for courses, went to 5 places to find decent prices. Feel more relaxed for now ... 1 month before exams ... Reading sociology and watching MADtv.

Bought some liquor filled chocolate, had two ... don't feel so good ... sleepy ...

Will have something better to write about tomorrow

Thursday, November 6, 2008

midterms are over ... for now

Studied yesterday, no time to do mini blog either. Tuesday, attempted to sleep around 1ish, neighbours probably holding some illegal racetrack upstairs, their dog was runing around as if he accidentally drank coffee. Had light sleep, waking up every hour, woke up @ 5.30 to get to classes, studies and listened to lecture, trying not to sleep in class, went studying with Jen afterwards, got home, studied a little more, slept around 12ish, felt like walking zombie. Woke up at 8ish to study more, temporary power outage at home, presumed study time was over, got ready for school in the darkness of home, ready to get out of house, power went on...

Rode bike to school, had 1/2 hr more to study... studied ... test @ 12.10, social network analysis, felt like i bombed the test, studied for everything, but questions asked in test, info too vague in mind, yawned about 10 times during test ... had to get out of test, knew nothing to write about, brain gone through overdrive and now in idle/stalled state. Cant think, wanted to start readings for next week, cant, eyes dont wanna read anymore. Wanted to watch one of my favourite tv shows, 30 Rock, too tired, didnt laugh of funny stuff because my mind just interpret sounds as either from one ear and out the other, or that funny trombone sound that the characters from Charlie Brown would hear if adults were talking.

Brain fried, fried to a point of burnt-ness.


Need sugar to up self, too tried, now watch King of the Hill, brain still doesnt wanna comprehend entertainment. Must catch some kinda movie tomrrow so my brain can be a clean slate for whatever hell is coming soon. Room is scattered with notes, will do it tomorrow.. or something...

Probably walk in circles and don't notice it. The highlight of my day, i found money on the floor!!! Does that count as my 'lucky penny'? I hope so, now feel bad, have $x.xx, dunno what to do, cant return it, people would say yes either way.

People, you need to put your money in your wallet! Seriously, Unless you wanna help me pay for my neverlasting debt,put your money where eevr your wallet lies. I had that same problem, never used my wallet unless its in card form ... thats why i usually have change, its tsays in your pocket, and if it drops, at least you know.

Karma's gonna kick my ass for not returning it. Hopefully it was some rich bastard that was anti karma ... 1 could always imagine the possibilities...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 4 '08

Studying for social netwok analysis, have eary class tomorrow so don't have a lot of free time. I think after all the midterms of this week are over, must watch RocknRolla, Rachel Getting Married or Madagascar 2.

Weather very fishy these past few days, dunno how to dress for school anymore, dont wanna lug heavy cot around, but then again, don't wanna freeze.

US election today, wonder who would win, skimmed CNN second ago, electrial votes show that Obama's in the lead, but the total votes each candidate received are split 50/50 (McCain receiving approx. 2000 more votes than Obama). Whoa, this number just jumped dramatically as i type. I hope I'm reading the data correctly. I know this is important, but studying is top priority right now. It's a tight race!

Yay tomorrow's Wednesday!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreary monday ....

Financial accounting lecture just finished, learned about leases. Soo tried from studying/attempting to studying! The atmosphere in the outdoors of UTM is soo depressing. So foggy/misty, reminds me of something you would see in Sherlocke Holmes/horror/lockness monster sort of deal. Pounding headache, and today was the only day i didn't have my trusty tylenol handy. I'll blame it on the weather rather than my studying.

Soo sleepy, daylights savings time is the cause of all this, probably made my brain go out of whack ... well, it was out of whack in the first place but not to this extent ... Reading through my study notes, i have this perception that i know this stuff, but when I study, my brain doesn't seem to register this imformation, like 'you need an upgrade, not more capacity' sort of stuff.

Maybe my studying has been lodged into someplace in my brain, in hiding .. Argh, I hope it emerges tomorrow. Maybe because i'm 50% sleep deprived and 50% hungry. I think I'm hungry, hadn't eaten in hours, argh stomach not registering, possibly due to obstruction of brain. Tried to shove bagel with nutella (ahhh nutella, so hazelnut-ty) but didn't work. Must need sleep... Argh, language not making sense, soon will result in cavepeople talk with grunting and what not.

After tomorrow's test, will re-review for social network analysis for Thursday, interesting info, but seems common sense ... i don't like that one bit! Feel like sleeping. Bought a brisk iced tea, hoping it would boost my energy, or at least keep my eyelids up, but no success. I though tea had caffeine ... i hope it doesnt kick in when i do wanna sleep ....

Will start heading upstairs to catch shuttle bus home. Hopefully by tomorrow, i would be energetic and such. Too much studying, must force self to do something entertaining this Friday. Ohh wanna watch a movie. Soo wanna catch RocknRolla or Rachel Getting Married (played in the TIFF08, see blurry pictures via facebook) and some other movie, but brain doesnt want to give that information up.

Nite all!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Argh textbooks!!!

Is there still a point of having textbooks in a technological world? I mean, i remember we had a CD for gr 12 Calculus that was the whole textbook in, if i can recall, pdf form. Argh, majority of courses require a bulky and/or multiple textbooks, and these textbooks go obsolete per say in like 3 years max. Soo uncertain if you should buy used of new, can you resell it, or will it collect dust like the others? Some of them come with a CD, but usually for additional studies. Argh, books cost sooo much, especially when they are published in the current year! Why kill trees? Why must you torture us students that are already knee's deep in debt? Yes, please make more bulky textbook full of photos and no substance, i need to add more paper cuts to my collection, and might as well book an appointment in advance for my future back problems... Yes the government does somewhat reimburse for the textbook fees, but the full $300 will be implemented next year.

Yes, people do photocopy the textbook which helps reduce costs, but that means using more papers (and wasting more time at a photocopier)!

Wouldn't converting from textbook to CD more eco friendly and cost saving? I'd go onto more detail, but afraid that everything i studied for today will do down the drain ...

Ohh, i was reviewing for my canadian economic history coming up this week, and there's a section about beavers. Well, beaver pelts and the fur trade between the natives and HBC/English, depletion and competition from the French and something about Fort Albany, York and Churchill and all the nitty gritty details in between!

So, my pea sized brain was able to link textbooks to trees, trees to beavers ... I know, sad.

Thankfully, some courses don't have those bulky textbooks and have electronic readings.
Must review for social network analysis test.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Studying on Saturday ... check!

That's all i did today, so this post is gonna be pretty short ... unless you want me to regurgitate everything i studies for, which would be a benefit for me, but pretty boring to the readers.

Studied from 11am to 10 pm, with occassional breaks in between.

After 10pm is my break, i'm done for the day, well, the day is almost done too! Wonder how that extra hour from daylight savings is gonna benefit me? More studying perhaps? Or more TV time?

I read online that King of the Hill (FOX) is getting cancelled ... aww I'm gonna miss that show, because it's a filler till the next show starts, and occasionally i find it funny, especially their Laos neighbours calling them hillbillies! Ohh, good news is that Kath and Kim (NBC) has been picked up for a full season! I think its funny, despite its mediocre reviews.

Kenny vs. Spenny was showing on GlobalTV, and i think it's filmed in Toronto. Man, those two are brutal to each other, but entertaining none of the less when they have the humiliation portion. Spenny literally washed Kenny's mouth with soap! I'm starting to love mindless tv, less thinking, more laughing!

MadTV is doing a skit of I Love Lucy 2008, where they're house is going to foreclose, and Lucy and her friend had to sell their bodies to pay, until the government stepped in ...

Saturday Night Live is on, must watch!

Oh yeah, and i mentioned a few posts ago that Saturday Night Live did a skit of the Two A-Holes. Heres a screenshot, Mad Men style pitching hola hoop with suspenders! Oh the fun you will have, no more struggling to keep the hoop up, less back pain, and reduce of awkwardness!!!