Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turning to a new direction ...

Hi all (whoever is still with me), plans of revamping the site has back fire (which is obvious given that this page hasn't been updated for more than ½ a year).

My life has moved the 'artist' in me in the back burner, and somewhat brought up the 'writer' in me to center stage. The reason is because with all the heck that's in my life right now + being broke + school + having no social life hasn't really motivated m in doing anything creative, however, it has made me look at like at a different perspective (more of a 'life sucks' approach)

I haven't fully given up on this blog, but will be delayed indefinitely (probably after exams).

In the meantime, I would be focusing my time to a new blog (which isn't right because i should be focusing on study managerial accounting right now), called 'Stuck in between delusion and reality'

Anyways, please visit my secondary website to hear what sucks in my life and why the world is messed up in my perspective.

Hopefully while reading my new blog, it would give you a new perspective in life, or at least make you feel better that you're life isn't the worst one yet.

Why am i creating a new blog 'i hear you all cry' (professor Anderson, probably one of the top profs in uoft)? Well, its because drawing stuff requires more effort than writing, plus this beats therapy (joking, well, 99.9% of the time).

Anyways, say tunes as i'd probably talk about this blog on my other blog ....

Thanks for tuning in, this place is on hiatus (just like my favourite shows) but please redirect yourselves to the temporary blog.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Revamp indefinitely ...

Blog hasn't been touched for a while, collecting dust and what not. Plans to revamp is underway.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Ahhhh! Blackout!

Blackout happened around 10ish, just when i was gonna start some new homework :)
Throught that someone in the house blew a fuse, but the whole street was pitch dark!
Anything bright went out, except my cell and laptop, which i used as a flashligh! Texted L & K to see if it was only an isolated incident, K told me that they have no power either, L was pretty confused about my text, as she still has power ... Got to play with matches ... that was fun, didnt have any other type of candles expect those tea.. something candles, reminded me of working at the restaurant where me and J would light the exact same candles to put on the tables, hoping that they would create the perfect atmosphere ... too bad no one every came to eat, and at the end of the night, i somehow end up burning my hand (through the process of bordom .. then destruction). Wanted to listen to radio, but all needed to be plugged in, the only radio was my crappy mp3 playhad to dig to find, but ended up not listening to the AM band, but listen to mediocore music ....

The power went on around 9ish this morning, how did i know? I forgot to press the off button on my tv, and this morning, suddenly awaken by bright tv lights, and the sound of tracy mooore from Cityline (i was watching 30 Rock and went elsewhere after it ended). Went online to check what happened last night, turns out that there was a flood in one of their stations, which effected people in the middle of jane, st clair, spadina and queen, which didnt make sense that L still had power ...
News took a 'bird's eye' view of the blackout, which looked hilarious as it was all bright with tiny lights in toronto except a dark sqare in the middle ...

Now house is recuperating from the cold .. I hope people weren't freaked out when in the subway last night ... And all the schools nearby have a day off apparently ... which isn't fair even though i have no classes today. I remember a few years ago when Toronto had a major blackout, the next day was the opening of the CNE (i think i was still in high school). Me and L got hired by the CNE to work ... she didn't have the shift that day but i did, i didnt know if i needed to go to work, apparently i had to and did ... which is probably the DUMBEST thing they can do, since the place was deserted and they just wasted all the labour for nothing, waste of costs and the fact that they are losing money every year!

Yay my fish survived the night without their heater! Oww one of them is acting crazy though ...

I think im gonna charge up everything portable and get myself one of those emergency radios that had a crank for power!

Happy cold friday everyone, and have a frostbite (no literally) weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First mid-week of school of 2009!

I'm a little thankful that school has started again, partly because when get bored, i get destructive and i was on the verge of destruction during the break. I'm surprised that i was able to adjust back to normal wake-up time even with the 4 hour difference that i've accumulated during the break.

Today is supposively the first winter storm of 2009, it doesnt look so bad ... looking from the comfort of home, but must venture out soon for school. Have financial accounting, but its the same prof from last term, and he said (for that class) that using the textbook was not necessary unless doing exercises ... still comtemplating if should buy textbook, since it doesn't look like it's resellable, and people stole all the copies from the library ... Was suppose to go to the early lecture for 10, but dont think would make it. My schedule didnt change dramatically, now i just wake up early on thursdays and late classes on wednesday.

Last night, my mom put an offer on a house that we only saw a few hours ago that day. She blabbed to her co-worker and she was our competition on the bid for the house. The house my mom bought was pretty price-y but was decent price due to the location and age of the house. She's gonna have to borrow because of the additional costs (stupid land transfer tax). I'm thinking that if it's necessary, i will probably switch to part time school so i can help out with the costs. One of my dearest friends decided to postponed university to help her parents pay for the house, i applaude her for her dedication!

Anyways, i havent broken my resolutions yet, which is a good thing since usually my resolutions doesnt even lasts a day. Im pretty dependant on tangerines right now ... so addictive ... but i got a sore throat and my mom blamed it on the tangerines .. but its full of vitamin c, how is that bad? I've been walking and riding my bike (on its last breath). On monday, i walked from st george to the eaton centre and back home ... which is probably a bad idea but it was worth it.

I finally got my camera from ebay! It only came with a l28mb card, so its pretty useless, so i need to find a card. I also need to find a smaller case, since the one they sent me is pretty bulky. Im gonna take more photos ... after i figure out how the thing works :P

Anyways, my pc is running low, happy wednesday everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Muffins, muffins and more muffins!

High on home made carrot muffins !!!
... too high to carry out a meaningful conversation ...
... high enough to laugh at anything ...

Muffins remind me of that song from the show called 30 Rock!!
The song's called 'Muffin Top'. I found out that there are such bakeware as a muffin top pan!I always thought that you just plop the muffin mix onto a cookie sheet ... shows how much i know! Pre mixed muffin mix tastes funky, especially the banana flavour from a company that i cant quite remember, it tastes like someone dumped banada flavoured pixie stick candy into the muffin mix ... urgh muffins sick... bad after taste!!! Took a photo of the freshly baked muffins, but didnt notice how much funk was in the oven ... eww ...

Anyways, here's the song (mostly audio)of Muffin Top from 30 Rock.
FYI NSFW (not safe for work) too much weird moaning sounds even though the song is technically about muffins.
I would of uploaded the actual video but i have no clue how youtube or copyrights work...

And here are the lyrics of Muffin Top, for the sake of it! The hilarity!

Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top

My muffin top is all that
Whole-grain, low-fat
I know you wanna piece of that
But I just wanna dance
Check checkin' out my sweet hips
My sugar-coated berry lips
I know you wanna get with this
But I'm just here to dance

So back up off of me
You're weirding me out
I'm an independent lady
So do not try to play me
I run a tidy bakery
The boys all want my cake for free
If you can't shake your fakery
Then kiss my muffin top

Lyrics from

Ahhhh, the word 'muffins' doesnt look right anymore, looks like profanity!!!I wanted to made banana muffins, but bought carrots instead ...

Gosh, when this muffin sugar high wears off, im gonna either regret writing the word muffin soo many times, or think i spelled the word muffin wrong ...

Argh, 'muffins' now look like a dirty word ....
Gonna make egg tarts tomorrow to share with L & K, hopefully blogging about egg tarts is least disurbing than the word muffin ...