Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First mid-week of school of 2009!

I'm a little thankful that school has started again, partly because when get bored, i get destructive and i was on the verge of destruction during the break. I'm surprised that i was able to adjust back to normal wake-up time even with the 4 hour difference that i've accumulated during the break.

Today is supposively the first winter storm of 2009, it doesnt look so bad ... looking from the comfort of home, but must venture out soon for school. Have financial accounting, but its the same prof from last term, and he said (for that class) that using the textbook was not necessary unless doing exercises ... still comtemplating if should buy textbook, since it doesn't look like it's resellable, and people stole all the copies from the library ... Was suppose to go to the early lecture for 10, but dont think would make it. My schedule didnt change dramatically, now i just wake up early on thursdays and late classes on wednesday.

Last night, my mom put an offer on a house that we only saw a few hours ago that day. She blabbed to her co-worker and she was our competition on the bid for the house. The house my mom bought was pretty price-y but was decent price due to the location and age of the house. She's gonna have to borrow because of the additional costs (stupid land transfer tax). I'm thinking that if it's necessary, i will probably switch to part time school so i can help out with the costs. One of my dearest friends decided to postponed university to help her parents pay for the house, i applaude her for her dedication!

Anyways, i havent broken my resolutions yet, which is a good thing since usually my resolutions doesnt even lasts a day. Im pretty dependant on tangerines right now ... so addictive ... but i got a sore throat and my mom blamed it on the tangerines .. but its full of vitamin c, how is that bad? I've been walking and riding my bike (on its last breath). On monday, i walked from st george to the eaton centre and back home ... which is probably a bad idea but it was worth it.

I finally got my camera from ebay! It only came with a l28mb card, so its pretty useless, so i need to find a card. I also need to find a smaller case, since the one they sent me is pretty bulky. Im gonna take more photos ... after i figure out how the thing works :P

Anyways, my pc is running low, happy wednesday everyone!

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