Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Ol’ Fashion Halloween! Simpson’s Style

Experimenting with different programs for blogging ...

Weather's getting very funky this week. It was below zero on Wednesday, and today it's in the mid teens. I dunno what kinda trick nature has up it's sleeve, but i for one am not amused.

Argh... in 3 weeks time, both of my pedals from my bike broke off. Darn cheap made in china crap. Installed two new ones, hope there weren't the same quality as my last ones... My mom used her bike for almost 4+ years and nothing bad happened except the occasional flat tire and worn brakes. My pedals didn't even last 5 months!

WARNING, this post is extremely full of pics, so it can take a while to load for those with below – broadband connections...

Just finished watching Martha Stewart on CBC. I think she was advertising a really cool innovation from M&M where you can personalize those little sugary goodness with your own photo and message. Looks pretty pricey, but overall a really cool gift!

Trying to kill a little off-studying time today and making a few errands.

And speaking of Halloween, nothing can be complete without watching The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Series!!!

Here are a few (actually a lot) of my favourite clips in screenshot* format:

Treehouse of Horror I (Season 2.03)

The Raven


By Edgar Allen Poe: Homer and Bart (as the Raven)

Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4.05)

King Homer


King Homer 'attempting' to climb the Empire State Building

Treehouse of Horror V (Season 6.06)

The Shining


"No TV and no beer make homer something something...."


"Heeeeeerrrreeee'ssss Johnny!"


" I'm Mike Wallace, I'm Morley Safer, and I'm Ed Bradley. All this and Andy Rooney tonight on 60 Minutes!"

Time and Punishment


Homer's sneeze caused the extinction of dinosaurs...

Treehouse of Horror VI (Season 7.06)

Attck of the 50 ft. Eyesores


Where's Mr. Peanut?

Homer 3


Homer in the real world. This is what catches his attention ... FYI it's Erotic Cakes.

Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season 10.04)

Terror of Tiny Toon


Lisa and Bart being chased by Itchy and Scratchy in TV land. Look, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee!

Treehouse of Horror X (Season 11.04)

Desperately Xeeking Xena


Theme Song:

Stretch dude and clobber girl
He's a human rubber band, she's the hulk in pearls
He's a limber lad, she's a powerful lass
He'll ring your neck, and she'll kick your ass
They' re stretch dude and clobber girl
Stretch dude and clobber girl
Stretch dude and clobber girl


Xena flies Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl home after saving them from Comic Book Guy ...

Lisa: Wait a minute, Xena can't fly ...

Xena: I told you. I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless!

Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12.01)

Ghost Dad


Homer dies from choking on a broccoli. His ghost dies from choking on the same broccoli.

He ties to get into heaven by doing a good deed, but instead goes down under...

Scary Tales Can Come True


Homer feeds the family

The Night of the Dolphins


Lisa wants to help the harmless dolphin ... not knowing it's power!


Free Willy! Except the dolphin's tail slaps Lisa in the face ...

What Happens to the Dolphin ...





Killing Rampage!


And hostile land takeover ...


Treehouse of Horror XV (Season 16.01)

In the belly of the Boss


Maggie (In a capsule) gets swallowed by Mr Burns via a super shrinking ray

Treehouse of Horror XVII (Season 18.04)

Married to the Blob


Homer becomes the Blob after ingesting a green organism from space.

Haha, he ate Dr. Phil!!!

The Day the Earth Looked Stupid

The radio host, renacting The War of the Worlds, tries to convince the sound effects editor to make various outrageous sounds.

His response?


Treehouse of Horror XVIII (Season 19.05)

In the opening sequence, Marge microwaves House


Mr. And Mrs. Simpson



Too bad I can't find screencaps from Mr. And Mrs. Smith ...

Can't wait for The Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors XVIII episode, airing this Sunday.

AhhHH post going crazy and funky... will stop, head pounding!!!

Anyways, I didn't go through with my plans regarding the neighbours upstairs. Meh, there is always next year and other schemes to fulfill … plus, didn't want Karma to kick my butt for this.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I wouldn't be treat o' treating for many reason, but I can guarantee I will get a sugar rush!

* All screenshots of The Simpsons are property of FOX.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

School week is finally over!!!

Now its study time!!! Must study for canadian economic history and social network analysis ... Argh, sore throat ... its a sign of cold/flu season .... NNOOO, not during midterm season!!!! Watching King of the Hill, where Minh befriends the gun club for her own advantage.

I'm not a very 'political' person, but i heart political satire. For example, Sarah Palin being referenced as 'Caribou Barbie', and recently, 'Bible Spice'. Hilarious. Not sure who coined 'Caribou Barbie' but I think Alec Baldwin dubbed her 'Bible Spice'. Here's the clip:

Why Bible Spice? Just google it and make your own conclusions.

Tomorrow's Halloween! Cadbury Factory anyone? Wondering if i should follow up on my plans for that jack-o-lantern thing ... pumpkin soo heavy, fire hazard, potential cuts and scraps ... just to annoy the upstairs ... is it worth it?

Tune in tommorow for the results!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's finally Wednesday!

At the library, must kill 4 hrs before next lecture starts. The library started to have these designated areas to do stuff ie group study, cell phone talk, total silence. Eww, someone left their medication/perscription on top of the desk, it would be funny if light was shining on it, in an angelic fashion, signalling it's greatness ... Ahhhh, drugs too close, i need parental control!!! Yes, my imagination has gotten outta control. Just in case, i blotted out the name of the person that the pills belong to... for legal reasons (ie not wanting to get sued). I like being here @ UTM rather than St. George ... it's kinda the middle of nowhere here, no distractions, no 'shiny objects'. Every course i took at St. George, after lecture, i'd be like 'oww, where can i go now to entertain myself/forget about what i learned?' But it was never a problem because all the classes i took downtown was my last class of the week! The major disadvantage.. travel ... Got up @ 5:30 (i sleep late too .. due to those darm neighbours upstairs) and leave the house around 6 ish, ride my bike to catch shuttle bus that departs at 7ish to get to an 8 ish class. Soo tired when i get on bus, but the time before and after the bus, i feel like i was on caffeine ... Which isn't true ... Oww, i got a Grande Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks ... so use to crappy and very sugar based hot chocolate from other places ie Tim Hortons and Coffee Time, that i never knew that hot chocolate can actually taste good! In the past, i'd use to water down the tim hortons hot chocolate so i wouldnt get that 'im drink pure sugar powder' after taste. But I do like those smoothies from Tim Hortons ... but cant really taste the flavour ...

Mood finally elevating to a point of happiness due to the fact that its Wednesday! I like Wednesday because a. i have Business Law and Eco class that day and i enjoy them both and b. it means that tomorrow is Thursday, which means social network analysis lecture and after that ... free time! Well, not free time, study.. but at least not at school :) Did a good job on my Business Law midterm, but cant say the same about my finger . It got a massive papercut from skimming my marked midterm ... its not one of those painful, throbbing ones (argh i hate those ones ... and from opinion, everyone else hates them too), but it's a bleeder.... its a bleeder alright! And it left a big gash on it too. Its on the middle finger too! At least its not on my writing hand .... I think its time for show and tell! Don't worry, will not show/draw details.

I was quite surprised that I didn't see snow on the ground this morning, it kinda flurried, but not actual snow on ground. But i see cars driving with snow all over, wonder where they came from. Maybe it didnt snow where i lived, on the west end of Toronto Central/Centre/Downtown ... I cant distinguish them ... I tried looking up via google, but i came across this website and it talked about travel by bike and it quotes,

"Be advised that Toronto is considered a very dangerous city to bike in by many people, and accidents are frequent. "

Thats great to know, considering there are designated bike lanes, tons of people biking to and fro, and the fact that they want people to find better alternatives than driving ...

Argh, sometimes motorists make me mad, speaking as both a pedestrian and a cyclist.
I will NOT rant about them YET, they HAVE pushed me to the limit on some occassions, but, until they exceed that limit, i will keep it bottled up until some inappropriate time when it all spills out :) At least that would be entertaining for the observers.

Got about 3hrs remaining to kill time ... wanna get a pumpkin to carve jack-o-lantern ... then place jack-o-lantern in front of upstair neighbours doorstep so children can bother them ... just like how they bother me ....

By the time i finish this (with email distractions) i have almost killed 2 hrs! 2 more to go! Starting to study canadian economic history!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yay, tomorrow's Wednesday!

And when i mean tomorrow's Wednesday, it means that i have 1 more day of school (Thursday) and long weekend once again! But this time its full of studying, which is good, i need the time! Oww, and that extra hours from Daylight Savings is an added bonus! I wish i had more time ... to do stuff that i wanna do .: what i'm saying is that it's all times fault (or my fault for being bad at time management).

Soo windy today! If i recall, via Environment Canada website, today reached a wind gust at 55+km/h, so don't wanna see the aftermath tomorrow morning! Hope no one was harmed in this crazy wind. Winter's a coming ... maybe it's global warmings' way of reverse psychology? Either way, i like the weather, never liked the warm/moistness ... Not a fan of the gusty wind though. And FYI, if you see me swirving on my bike, no i am not drunk, i'm just trying to combat the wind, and obviously nature is winning ...

All the wind has grouped together all the leaves (benefit) and decided to pile them all at my doorstep (crap, more work). But it didn't just bring leaves ....

Why in the heck does a cheap cocktail parasol/umbrella get mixed in with the leaves? Is it that somewhere in the East end of Toronto, someone was having a party or attending happy hour (supposively its happy hour somewhere in the world) and the gust of wind blew the mini umbrella to its new home in front of my doorstop? Seriously, i live in a very (traditional) asian street, people here don't make concoctions, i think they drink it straight up or on the rocks (well, maybe not on the rocks)... I don't think they need mini umbrellas. I hope it didn't poke anyone in the eye, some of these babies are sharp! Reminds me of the restaurant days, i try to dress up the drink in a nice presentation and the boss comes in and ruins it in an asian way (no offense). And when no management was around or any tables, i'd wander to the back to entertain the workers/friends for the sake of entertaining myself!

Trying to watch Law and Order: SVU. Watched Dancing with the stars result show, the oldest yet must entertaining contestant was voted out (but she tried to fight to be back).

I apologize if i offended any asians in my mini essay, if it makes you feel any better, i'm asian too!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting for the shuttle bus ...

Dark and breezy. Financial accounting lecture just ended. Got my mid term back, did horribly ... no more further comments, must look ahead for improvements, must get better results. Must reach for top ... or somewhere close to top isn't a bad option either!

More midterms coming up, not stressed yet, but drowning on papers/notes, all profs make everything seem to be on the test, but never mentioned it ... should i study for it?

Looking forward to winter break! Almost 1 month-ish away! Argh ... exams! Meh, only 2, shouldn't be that bad, but kinda back-to-back...

Have 2 midterms next week, canadian economic history and social network analysis ...
When will this madness ever end ... apparently not ...

Next week, students rally at queens park, i think, to fight tuition fees ... U of T board wants all university students to pay deregulated fees ... Too late for me, already stuck in this fiasco ... Probably wouldn't effect me that much ... 1 can hope.

Rode bike to school, locked bike, chunky squirrel started to circle me and my bike, awaiting food. Must of saw my profile photo on Facebook, or his relatives from the west coast told them about me (i wonder how that would work?) Rushing like maniac to catch the bus ... didn't have time to feed, plus might look crazy ... is that karma driven? Will i ask someone for food and be denied/rejected?

Gosh. I hope not ... That would be a weird situation that i have gotten myself into ...
Must wait beside shuttle bus now to ensure a seat. Feel pretty bad for the people who couldn't get a seat ... they get left behind ...

Missing Dancing with the stars, like always, I wonder if that old lady that won the oscar got booted out yet....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last minute bloggin' ...

Just finished watching Brothers & Sisters, wondering where the show takes place .... too lazy to wiki or google it, it will remain a mystery until the next episode when i remember this question. Watching the news is always a bummer, so many things that happen that you'd wish hasn't, wondered if there was ever a day that didn't bring bad news... that would be a very short broadcast or a lot of fillers ...
The weather in the past few days are soo depressing, especially the wind (although refreshing, not a really good advantage to a cyclists when the wind' s working against you) and the rain. I finally installed a fender on my chinese manufactured bike, no more soakings, now my notes are moisture free! Wish i can get a new bike ... very bulky mountain, not enough speed ... I was reluctant of speed when i started to bike, now i crave it!!!
Spent most of the day writting notes for accounting, all i can think of are intangible assets and impairment, not separately, but mixed together in a way which would not make sense. Hopefully (maybe) it would all make sense tomorrow.
Argh, I hate mondays, just like Garfield and Sourpuss from the comic strip Mutts. My mondays at school always sucked since 1st year. Tomorrow I will be at school from 2-8, which means leaving the house @ 12.30 and getting home at 9.45.

Owww, got re-addicted to those candy sticks!!! Wanted a sugar fix, went to dufferin mall. Walmart doesnt have those candy sticks anymore (or im pretty blind) but No Frills had it, which i found surprising! I use to love these sugary sticks while in elementary school, and now that addiction has surfaced yet again! As you can see, the sugar high is giving me the energy to type this, plus i want to write something everyday... Just in case you think i'm pleading insanity, i a talking about those chalk-like candy sticks that looks like a kid's version of a cig (id spell the whole word, but i can't). Its usually in a square package with Popeye's funky face on the front.

Police Officer Brian is not amuzed.
These candy sticks were pimped out with Spiderman.
Argh, they look like cigs!
Was very bored, heard obnoxious noise outside, it was a little baby squirrel, screeching for it's mother at the top of a power-line pole.

Saw alley cat starting at something, had to take a shot, unlike my old neighbourhood, this one had less alley cats.

So full of attention, like something shiny caught it's eye, or food, either way.
Don't worry, its not spying on the lil' squirrel!
Ahh, laptop burning thigh...
Sugar high still in effect, will watch reruns of Frasier!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How I spent my Saturday ....

Semi studying, reading class work, eating/searching for food, watching television and plotting schemes against my neighbours ... err... scratch that last bit. After hours of losing my mind and vision, i usually flood it with television ... ahhh, sweet television. Our home isnt equipped with any tv enhancments, so i'm stuck with basic antenna signals... which sucks because all the shows i want to watch aren't showing on tv anymore, and had to resort to the WWW. I think the only shows i look forward to watching via tv is dancing with the stars (just for the judge's comments), law and order special victims unit, brothers & sisters, saturday night live/madtv (if there's good guests), and sunday night cartoons (simpsons, american dad, family guy and king of the hill). All the other shows i enjoy (30 rock, my name is earl, private practice, pushing daisies etc) are not in 'my channels' range, which suck.

What am i watching right now at this moment? 'Two A-Holes' skit, Mad Men style on Saturday Night Live ft. Jon Hamm. lol, that skit is soo hilarious and weird, must find screenshot for that later on...

Anyways, the highlights of my favourite/available tv shows:
Saturday Night Live (NBC) - Weekend Update Thursday Episode 3:
McCain (Hammond), Palin (Fey) and Bush (Ferrell) at a press conference/photoshoot.

30 Rock (NBC) - Pre-air Season 3-01
Jack (Baldwin) and Liz (Fey) renact a scene from a soap opera.
The Simpsons (FOX) - Season 20-3
In the world of the Simpsons, where the rich live in McMansions and anything Mc ...

McDreamy would live beside a McDonalds....

And McSteamy would live next door to McDreamy ...
Argh ... my television viewing is interrupted by my loud, upstair neighbours ... actually, anything i do gets interrupted by my upstair neighbours .. there is never silence at home ....
Must scheme .... argh, everyday it seems like their either VERY into Feng Shui 風水, constantly moving their funiture around, rehersing for a dance routine/broadway performace (STOMP comes into mind), or moving things around so that their very vocal dog can use the house as a racetrack, pretty much 24/7 ... either way... something must be done...
Argh, always had some evil plan in the back of my head to get them for their noise....
Like ringing their doorbell and dashing, or carving a jack-o-lantern and putting it in front of their door so little children can bother/egg their door...
But i'm not the one who creates trouble, caught in the crossfire yes, but not the source...
And taking business law, I was wondering if i can sue them for nuisance? I mean, what they are doing is disrupting my enjoyment of life, whether its studying for a test, or sleeping! Hmm, maybe should look into this further... Owwww, or leaving their dog at home, constantly barking, thats somewhat bad treatment to animals ... thats something that the authorities might need to know about!
Forgive my evil-ness, i think i was highly influences by a higher authority.... And if you're out there reading this, 'Captain, the plan is going right on schedule!'
Owww, the evilness from upstairs has stepped out to walk that pet of theirs. Must try to enjoy the peacefulness before they return once again.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hello visitors, welcome to my blog!

If you gotten here by mistake, don't panic, just press 'backspace' or the 'back' button ... or browse around, whatever 'tickles your fancy'.

Til this day, i still wonder what the term, 'tickles you fancy' means, and i have yet tried to 'google' it. And FYI, i was introduced to this term by a teacher in gr. 12 law class ... i thought that was the best class during that year because a. it was an interesting course, b. the teacher taught it well and c. it was either before or after my spare .: shorter afternoon!

Anyways, back to the intro. I started this blog because for many reasons:
a. i have 'caught' the 'blogging bug', and yes, it is highly contaigous!
b. i have been inspired by many of my friends and past/future 'bosses'
c. its much easier to publish ideas/anything goin' on in my head rather than sending essay-length emails to my friends (you know who you are, and again, like always, i apologize for adding onto you workloads)
d. to make it a hobby/interest ... i need one of those
Argh... didn't mean to make this look like a multiple choice question....

I like to thank/acknowledge Joan @ for convincing/pushing (a little push is a good thing) me into doing this! Her talents are far beyond extraordinary!

So, i think this blog i dubbed 'beaversatile', and as you can see, has the word 'beaver' and 'versatile' merged together. Why did i choose these words i hear you all screaming? Well, beaver, for my favourite thing to draw (the animal, not the other thing), and 'versatile' which i googled ( ) means ' having great diversity or variety'. Im hoping to make this blog full of the tree loving rodent (in the form of pictures and such) and be able to blog about anything else in the world around us that i find sooo interesting and sometimes disturbing, hence the 'diversity/variety'.

And if im lucky and smart enough, use this name, incorporate it, and be some kind of rich career woman ... 1 can always dream!

Hopefully, during the upcoming days, i will finally personalize this blog with stuff, but i haven't though of any yet. So im just gonna say random stuff that comes outta my pea-sized brain ...

Today is October 24. Thinking if it as 10-24, i was wondering what this number meant. First, i thought that it was some unlucky asian number ... thats partially correct, but not what i was thinking of. Then i though this number reminded me of some movie that John Cusack did about some hotel room, but, after further research, it was actually 1408. and then it finally got to me.. it must be some kind of police ten-code from all the police sitcoms i watch... So doing further research, i found out that 10-24 meant emergency backup, and i suddenly got stuck, reading all the ten-codes, which are pretty interesting. i think the only popular or well known ten-code would be 10-4 (Message received).

Went grocery shopping to Chinatown with mom. It was business as usual, mountains of produce waiting to be purchased with the occassional one in an attempt to escape, garbage everywhere, supermarket employees screaming bargains as if they were screaming 'hurricane!' Those little, blue, sinfully delicious crabs were placed outside, half dead were decently priced. The people, intrigued, but again not willing to buy. Suddenly, a supermarket employee opens a basket full of female crabs, pours it in with the now dead crabs and changes the price ... The passerbys forget where they were going and went straight to the crabs ... anxiously grabbing bateria proned tongs and a paper bag that reminded me of those restaurant days. All you heard were tongs, snapping, and the occasional bashing. Crabs were thrown everywhere, but luckily, no one was injured, but i cant vouch for the crabs ... it seemed like a riot ... but again, just a normal day in Chinatown. In my head, i wanted to take out my camera and make some documentary on the shopping rituals of the natives in Chinatown ... but was afraid of being pinched by tongs or crabs ... So I observed .. all that went through my head was that scene from Finding Nemo, where a crab made a remark, making Dori lift the crab out from the ocean water, to an awaiting flock of seagulls, screaming 'MINE MINE MINE!'

Well, i think i should wrap this up... its starting to look like my infamous email essays.
Pls check back often, hopefully my comments/rants/ideas/photos/pictures/etc will amuse you or make you think ... which is hard for some of us.

And a shoutout to all my friends, family, acquiantances, 'bosses', coworkers, and everyone that i have interacted with in some point of my life. Id name you guys, but afraid i might offend if i forget people.

FYI, if you see spelling mistakes and fragments, it won't be the last.

Signing out