Friday, October 24, 2008

Hello visitors, welcome to my blog!

If you gotten here by mistake, don't panic, just press 'backspace' or the 'back' button ... or browse around, whatever 'tickles your fancy'.

Til this day, i still wonder what the term, 'tickles you fancy' means, and i have yet tried to 'google' it. And FYI, i was introduced to this term by a teacher in gr. 12 law class ... i thought that was the best class during that year because a. it was an interesting course, b. the teacher taught it well and c. it was either before or after my spare .: shorter afternoon!

Anyways, back to the intro. I started this blog because for many reasons:
a. i have 'caught' the 'blogging bug', and yes, it is highly contaigous!
b. i have been inspired by many of my friends and past/future 'bosses'
c. its much easier to publish ideas/anything goin' on in my head rather than sending essay-length emails to my friends (you know who you are, and again, like always, i apologize for adding onto you workloads)
d. to make it a hobby/interest ... i need one of those
Argh... didn't mean to make this look like a multiple choice question....

I like to thank/acknowledge Joan @ for convincing/pushing (a little push is a good thing) me into doing this! Her talents are far beyond extraordinary!

So, i think this blog i dubbed 'beaversatile', and as you can see, has the word 'beaver' and 'versatile' merged together. Why did i choose these words i hear you all screaming? Well, beaver, for my favourite thing to draw (the animal, not the other thing), and 'versatile' which i googled ( ) means ' having great diversity or variety'. Im hoping to make this blog full of the tree loving rodent (in the form of pictures and such) and be able to blog about anything else in the world around us that i find sooo interesting and sometimes disturbing, hence the 'diversity/variety'.

And if im lucky and smart enough, use this name, incorporate it, and be some kind of rich career woman ... 1 can always dream!

Hopefully, during the upcoming days, i will finally personalize this blog with stuff, but i haven't though of any yet. So im just gonna say random stuff that comes outta my pea-sized brain ...

Today is October 24. Thinking if it as 10-24, i was wondering what this number meant. First, i thought that it was some unlucky asian number ... thats partially correct, but not what i was thinking of. Then i though this number reminded me of some movie that John Cusack did about some hotel room, but, after further research, it was actually 1408. and then it finally got to me.. it must be some kind of police ten-code from all the police sitcoms i watch... So doing further research, i found out that 10-24 meant emergency backup, and i suddenly got stuck, reading all the ten-codes, which are pretty interesting. i think the only popular or well known ten-code would be 10-4 (Message received).

Went grocery shopping to Chinatown with mom. It was business as usual, mountains of produce waiting to be purchased with the occassional one in an attempt to escape, garbage everywhere, supermarket employees screaming bargains as if they were screaming 'hurricane!' Those little, blue, sinfully delicious crabs were placed outside, half dead were decently priced. The people, intrigued, but again not willing to buy. Suddenly, a supermarket employee opens a basket full of female crabs, pours it in with the now dead crabs and changes the price ... The passerbys forget where they were going and went straight to the crabs ... anxiously grabbing bateria proned tongs and a paper bag that reminded me of those restaurant days. All you heard were tongs, snapping, and the occasional bashing. Crabs were thrown everywhere, but luckily, no one was injured, but i cant vouch for the crabs ... it seemed like a riot ... but again, just a normal day in Chinatown. In my head, i wanted to take out my camera and make some documentary on the shopping rituals of the natives in Chinatown ... but was afraid of being pinched by tongs or crabs ... So I observed .. all that went through my head was that scene from Finding Nemo, where a crab made a remark, making Dori lift the crab out from the ocean water, to an awaiting flock of seagulls, screaming 'MINE MINE MINE!'

Well, i think i should wrap this up... its starting to look like my infamous email essays.
Pls check back often, hopefully my comments/rants/ideas/photos/pictures/etc will amuse you or make you think ... which is hard for some of us.

And a shoutout to all my friends, family, acquiantances, 'bosses', coworkers, and everyone that i have interacted with in some point of my life. Id name you guys, but afraid i might offend if i forget people.

FYI, if you see spelling mistakes and fragments, it won't be the last.

Signing out

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Thanks for the acknowledgement and recommending my blog. I'm really honoured.