Thursday, October 30, 2008

School week is finally over!!!

Now its study time!!! Must study for canadian economic history and social network analysis ... Argh, sore throat ... its a sign of cold/flu season .... NNOOO, not during midterm season!!!! Watching King of the Hill, where Minh befriends the gun club for her own advantage.

I'm not a very 'political' person, but i heart political satire. For example, Sarah Palin being referenced as 'Caribou Barbie', and recently, 'Bible Spice'. Hilarious. Not sure who coined 'Caribou Barbie' but I think Alec Baldwin dubbed her 'Bible Spice'. Here's the clip:

Why Bible Spice? Just google it and make your own conclusions.

Tomorrow's Halloween! Cadbury Factory anyone? Wondering if i should follow up on my plans for that jack-o-lantern thing ... pumpkin soo heavy, fire hazard, potential cuts and scraps ... just to annoy the upstairs ... is it worth it?

Tune in tommorow for the results!

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