Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yay, tomorrow's Wednesday!

And when i mean tomorrow's Wednesday, it means that i have 1 more day of school (Thursday) and long weekend once again! But this time its full of studying, which is good, i need the time! Oww, and that extra hours from Daylight Savings is an added bonus! I wish i had more time ... to do stuff that i wanna do .: what i'm saying is that it's all times fault (or my fault for being bad at time management).

Soo windy today! If i recall, via Environment Canada website, today reached a wind gust at 55+km/h, so don't wanna see the aftermath tomorrow morning! Hope no one was harmed in this crazy wind. Winter's a coming ... maybe it's global warmings' way of reverse psychology? Either way, i like the weather, never liked the warm/moistness ... Not a fan of the gusty wind though. And FYI, if you see me swirving on my bike, no i am not drunk, i'm just trying to combat the wind, and obviously nature is winning ...

All the wind has grouped together all the leaves (benefit) and decided to pile them all at my doorstep (crap, more work). But it didn't just bring leaves ....

Why in the heck does a cheap cocktail parasol/umbrella get mixed in with the leaves? Is it that somewhere in the East end of Toronto, someone was having a party or attending happy hour (supposively its happy hour somewhere in the world) and the gust of wind blew the mini umbrella to its new home in front of my doorstop? Seriously, i live in a very (traditional) asian street, people here don't make concoctions, i think they drink it straight up or on the rocks (well, maybe not on the rocks)... I don't think they need mini umbrellas. I hope it didn't poke anyone in the eye, some of these babies are sharp! Reminds me of the restaurant days, i try to dress up the drink in a nice presentation and the boss comes in and ruins it in an asian way (no offense). And when no management was around or any tables, i'd wander to the back to entertain the workers/friends for the sake of entertaining myself!

Trying to watch Law and Order: SVU. Watched Dancing with the stars result show, the oldest yet must entertaining contestant was voted out (but she tried to fight to be back).

I apologize if i offended any asians in my mini essay, if it makes you feel any better, i'm asian too!

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