Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last minute bloggin' ...

Just finished watching Brothers & Sisters, wondering where the show takes place .... too lazy to wiki or google it, it will remain a mystery until the next episode when i remember this question. Watching the news is always a bummer, so many things that happen that you'd wish hasn't, wondered if there was ever a day that didn't bring bad news... that would be a very short broadcast or a lot of fillers ...
The weather in the past few days are soo depressing, especially the wind (although refreshing, not a really good advantage to a cyclists when the wind' s working against you) and the rain. I finally installed a fender on my chinese manufactured bike, no more soakings, now my notes are moisture free! Wish i can get a new bike ... very bulky mountain, not enough speed ... I was reluctant of speed when i started to bike, now i crave it!!!
Spent most of the day writting notes for accounting, all i can think of are intangible assets and impairment, not separately, but mixed together in a way which would not make sense. Hopefully (maybe) it would all make sense tomorrow.
Argh, I hate mondays, just like Garfield and Sourpuss from the comic strip Mutts. My mondays at school always sucked since 1st year. Tomorrow I will be at school from 2-8, which means leaving the house @ 12.30 and getting home at 9.45.

Owww, got re-addicted to those candy sticks!!! Wanted a sugar fix, went to dufferin mall. Walmart doesnt have those candy sticks anymore (or im pretty blind) but No Frills had it, which i found surprising! I use to love these sugary sticks while in elementary school, and now that addiction has surfaced yet again! As you can see, the sugar high is giving me the energy to type this, plus i want to write something everyday... Just in case you think i'm pleading insanity, i a talking about those chalk-like candy sticks that looks like a kid's version of a cig (id spell the whole word, but i can't). Its usually in a square package with Popeye's funky face on the front.

Police Officer Brian is not amuzed.
These candy sticks were pimped out with Spiderman.
Argh, they look like cigs!
Was very bored, heard obnoxious noise outside, it was a little baby squirrel, screeching for it's mother at the top of a power-line pole.

Saw alley cat starting at something, had to take a shot, unlike my old neighbourhood, this one had less alley cats.

So full of attention, like something shiny caught it's eye, or food, either way.
Don't worry, its not spying on the lil' squirrel!
Ahh, laptop burning thigh...
Sugar high still in effect, will watch reruns of Frasier!

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Joanie.S said...

Connie, I can totally relate with your bad experiences with bad neighbors. I remember when living downtown, our upstairs neighbours were constantly dropping marbles on their hardwood floor or someone loved to walk around in their high heels or someone would be playing the piano (although, it wasn't entirely unpleasant). But the worst was when someone started to do some renovations during the night time. Dick & I couldn't stand it one night so we went upstairs and knocked on the door and asked to speak to the carpenter. Funny enough, the guy who answered the door actually called some guy over holding some drill and other assorted hand tools. We asked he stop & desist from making so much noise at night as we wanted to get some shut eye, and it worked. Maybe you can try the same with your neighbours. Good luck.