Saturday, November 1, 2008

Studying on Saturday ... check!

That's all i did today, so this post is gonna be pretty short ... unless you want me to regurgitate everything i studies for, which would be a benefit for me, but pretty boring to the readers.

Studied from 11am to 10 pm, with occassional breaks in between.

After 10pm is my break, i'm done for the day, well, the day is almost done too! Wonder how that extra hour from daylight savings is gonna benefit me? More studying perhaps? Or more TV time?

I read online that King of the Hill (FOX) is getting cancelled ... aww I'm gonna miss that show, because it's a filler till the next show starts, and occasionally i find it funny, especially their Laos neighbours calling them hillbillies! Ohh, good news is that Kath and Kim (NBC) has been picked up for a full season! I think its funny, despite its mediocre reviews.

Kenny vs. Spenny was showing on GlobalTV, and i think it's filmed in Toronto. Man, those two are brutal to each other, but entertaining none of the less when they have the humiliation portion. Spenny literally washed Kenny's mouth with soap! I'm starting to love mindless tv, less thinking, more laughing!

MadTV is doing a skit of I Love Lucy 2008, where they're house is going to foreclose, and Lucy and her friend had to sell their bodies to pay, until the government stepped in ...

Saturday Night Live is on, must watch!

Oh yeah, and i mentioned a few posts ago that Saturday Night Live did a skit of the Two A-Holes. Heres a screenshot, Mad Men style pitching hola hoop with suspenders! Oh the fun you will have, no more struggling to keep the hoop up, less back pain, and reduce of awkwardness!!!

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