Thursday, November 13, 2008

omg new Watchmen trailer!

I saw the teaser trailer mid-summer, i had no clue what Watchmen are, but the trailer was soo intriguing ... yet so disturbing ... like the car-wreck theory that my friend told me about ... so wrong, but can keep eyes off. Read the graphic novel, so interesting! I'm not the type to read graphic novels/manga/anime etc, i only read comic strips like Mutts. Anyways, now hooked, must watch movie, to be released March 6, 2009. I remember the date because it's a multiple of 3 ... yes, i would like to incorporate school as much as possible... And yes, Dr Manhattan (the blue guy) does scare me a little ... he has no pupils, but you have to read the graphic novel to understand his appearance.

Too much redings crossing eyes, debating if i should catch movie or go to AGO re-opening ... maybe will go Saturday to take pics, i'm pretty sure tomorrows gonna be littered with people .: no decent pics.

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