Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreary monday ....

Financial accounting lecture just finished, learned about leases. Soo tried from studying/attempting to studying! The atmosphere in the outdoors of UTM is soo depressing. So foggy/misty, reminds me of something you would see in Sherlocke Holmes/horror/lockness monster sort of deal. Pounding headache, and today was the only day i didn't have my trusty tylenol handy. I'll blame it on the weather rather than my studying.

Soo sleepy, daylights savings time is the cause of all this, probably made my brain go out of whack ... well, it was out of whack in the first place but not to this extent ... Reading through my study notes, i have this perception that i know this stuff, but when I study, my brain doesn't seem to register this imformation, like 'you need an upgrade, not more capacity' sort of stuff.

Maybe my studying has been lodged into someplace in my brain, in hiding .. Argh, I hope it emerges tomorrow. Maybe because i'm 50% sleep deprived and 50% hungry. I think I'm hungry, hadn't eaten in hours, argh stomach not registering, possibly due to obstruction of brain. Tried to shove bagel with nutella (ahhh nutella, so hazelnut-ty) but didn't work. Must need sleep... Argh, language not making sense, soon will result in cavepeople talk with grunting and what not.

After tomorrow's test, will re-review for social network analysis for Thursday, interesting info, but seems common sense ... i don't like that one bit! Feel like sleeping. Bought a brisk iced tea, hoping it would boost my energy, or at least keep my eyelids up, but no success. I though tea had caffeine ... i hope it doesnt kick in when i do wanna sleep ....

Will start heading upstairs to catch shuttle bus home. Hopefully by tomorrow, i would be energetic and such. Too much studying, must force self to do something entertaining this Friday. Ohh wanna watch a movie. Soo wanna catch RocknRolla or Rachel Getting Married (played in the TIFF08, see blurry pictures via facebook) and some other movie, but brain doesnt want to give that information up.

Nite all!

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