Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 4 '08

Studying for social netwok analysis, have eary class tomorrow so don't have a lot of free time. I think after all the midterms of this week are over, must watch RocknRolla, Rachel Getting Married or Madagascar 2.

Weather very fishy these past few days, dunno how to dress for school anymore, dont wanna lug heavy cot around, but then again, don't wanna freeze.

US election today, wonder who would win, skimmed CNN second ago, electrial votes show that Obama's in the lead, but the total votes each candidate received are split 50/50 (McCain receiving approx. 2000 more votes than Obama). Whoa, this number just jumped dramatically as i type. I hope I'm reading the data correctly. I know this is important, but studying is top priority right now. It's a tight race!

Yay tomorrow's Wednesday!

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