Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last minute bloggin, Nov 15 '08

Homework, rain and neighbours are not a good mix. Weather sucks! Still working on a lot of stuff. Watched Rocknrolla, i recommend it for those who like action movies! Now moving from computer-less homework to computer intensive homework. Stupid upstair neighbours ... not sanitary, attracts cockroaches. Landlord said needed to spray some sort of chemical around 11am today and we had to move tons of stuff to do so. They came around 2ish and only sprayed (not sprayed, more of sprits) for a minute or so, and said that the chemicals were harm-free. Either that they didnt really spray, or some kind of cheap-imitation, or that they are very cheap and dont wanna waste money. Meh, we'll see the re-percussions in the weeks to come ... if memory loss persists, its probably not a good sign. Argh, stupid upstair neighbours keep on using my internet line as a clothesline ... And their damn dog is running around upstairs as if it was a racetrack.

Sorry for all the negative... stuff ... I can't wait till i finish up all my homework for this week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend (or whats left of it)!
And for those who are going to the Santa Clause Parade, dress warmly, it's looks like its gonna be chilly november weather tomorrow!

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