Sunday, November 9, 2008


Was suppose to write something elaborate about school, this week in tv, and the movie i watched on friday, but wanna finish all reading for the week so i have a little free time everyday to prep for exams which is about exactly 1 month away. Finished reading sociology readings, learned relationship between race & widowhood, and how your network and the roles you play in society can help you battle influenza. I hope i interpreted those right ... In the middle of reading Leases chapter for accounting. Need to read article for upcoming essay and catch up on law readings.

Went grocery shopping, didn't watch road for cracks, wiped out. Left knee semi- swollen, hurt like a b*tch in the first 10 minutes, but slowly became an annoyance rather than pain. Also, my left knee is the the 'funky knee' beciase it seems like the bone extended a little to far, so when my knees are bent 90 degrees, you can see a little abnormities comparing left and right. Meh, its okay, I'm assymetrical anyways. Big ass bruise on the right side of leg. Hopefully i will learn from my mistakes and ride over those annoying mini speed-bumps rather thn go through the gap of the middle. Should i blame my recklessness on the liquor filled Grand Marnier chocolates i had? I swear it says artificial flavouring ... I much prefer those Malibu chocolates instead ...

Madagascar was pretty good, mostly because of the viewing experience, people were either in school or at work, so theatre was nice and empty, and popcorn was good, especially the fact that i didnt have lunch yet, and it wasnt all oily and nasty. Owww, the beginning where they show the Dreamworks logo was hilarious! Would draw a picture, dont feel like it today ... will push it to Tuesday or something. The beginning few minutes of the movie was soo sad ... For some reason, Madagascar reminded me of the Indiana Jones franchise. I think my favourite part are the penguins! Them and their evil schemes. Skipper (head penguin) could of done better at the end! I have lost a little respect and credibility of him, unless someone can convince me otherwise. Did you know that they have the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon in the works? If i can recall, they are going to show it in January 2009 on Nick (elodeon)? But, i think they changed the voice actors from the movie, so it might sound different. I dont have cable (or wanna announce i wanna watch a kids channel) but i would definately watch it va internet or wherever possible. Argh, that old lady that beat up Alex the Lion is back, she's a whole different evil. Try to guess the actor that portrays the new chaaracters, you'd be pleasantly surprised on how wrong you can be!
Still wanna watch RocknRolla, Rachel Geting Married and now Marley and Me out on Christmas (oww, Jennifer Aniston will be on 30 Rock this week!).

Didn't watch any new tv recently except 30 Rock because its the only show i like thats on one of 'my channels', but its usually reruns and such. Much catch up on Pushing Daisies and Private Practice. Dont really watch Grey's Anatomy anymore, but still wondering why the actor that plays Dr. Hanh isn't on the show anymore? Rumour is they wanna tone down the 'lez scenes', but if they dont do it, wouldnt some other channel do it for the ratings? Meh, never got the tv biz.

Hope y'all have a good week! Dont worry, the weekend is only a few short days away!

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