Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chilly Wednesday ....

Yay its wednesday yet again! Nay for waking up @ 5am! Watched infomercials while eating breakfast ... no wonder they put these on during the weee hours in the morning, everything looks soo cool, you brain has neither waken up or can comprehend anything. Its funny that when you watch it during regular hours, your thinking 'who the heck would by that?!?!', but, when you watch that same infomercial at 2 or 5 in the morning, suddenly you think, 'how can i carry on with my life without this little contraption?' The Dr. Ho infomercials freak me out no matter what time of day it is, but the first time watching it @ 5ish, i was drawn that i need to detoxify and stuff. Oww and they showed the steamer thingy that replaces the iron, and some kind of workout video, and Mr. T selling some kind of conventional oven/pot do-hickey. My favourite on the the Slim-n-Luft infomercials where they said it was a celebrity secret. I always imagined a celebrity gettingn on the chunky side, wore that corset type thing. They would later on go to a movie premiere with a stunning dress, and all of a sudden, all you feel is a earthquake, people running and screaming, the celebritie's body starts to morph,fat trying to escape, and then that corset thing explodes revealing her true self .... i think it would be funnier in cartoon with the sound effects and all,like putting "BOOOOOIINNNNGGG" when the corset explodes :) Argh, my imagination is out of control again!

This week i caught up with my accouting readings and eco readings (usually i read and take notes because i get bored reading material twice), just finished catching up with sociology readings and will be writing notes on that after this blog, and 3/5ths through on my law assignment/case. Learned from sociology readings that internet doesnt prove the extremes (ie make you isolated from whole world) but enhances the way you communicate with others ... well i hope i interpreted that correctly ... Onc again i am in the library, trying to get something done in the next 3 hours before my next class. I have my wednesdy usual, Grande Iced Green Tea and an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from Starbucks! I cant have that everyday because it would a. break my wallet and b. throw off my whole routine. Plus, i need soemthing good to keep me up for an additional 4 hours after waking up early and having class from 8-10. I now feel the sam pain as my nursing friends with their messed up schedules...

I don't like how the weather is headed, not tat i dont like winter ... winter brings soo much joy ie WINTER BREAK, holidays, sugar, boxing day, excuse for staying home and sleep, making snow-stuff etc and brings soo much sorrow ie argh EXAMS, wind-chill, end of the year what did i do in my life, increase chance of being sick etc. I dunno why, but i like shoveling snow, i think its fun! Im probably a really messed up kid. Seriously i will shovel your walkways, driveway etc without any attitude (but a monetary/non-monetary fee would hurt either :)) Argh, I had to take the TTC today (it was like the 1st from 2 1/2 months of riding bike), i dont like it anymore. I had to take the TTC because of the windchill and the fact that my mom warned me that it would be crazy snowing in the morning. Waiting for the bus makes me frustrated. I feel that my patience has shrunking ever since i started to ride my bike to get to places. I need some kind of exercise (or some kind of movement), winter means goodies = more chunky-ness at the mid point! Last year around new years, I made a snow Brian (from Family Guy), aww he was the best snowdog i ever made in my entire life, he had his collar, his black nose (which blew away because i used a cut out of a garbage bag) and he was holding onto a beer bottle! Argh, i took a picture of it too! But, apparantly i didn't save it on a PC and now i dunno where to go to search it ... Oh well, (hopefully) we are gonna have some kind of crazy snowstorm and i can rebuild it ... and hopefully the neighbours dog wouldn't mark its territory on it (i say that because before, they never owned a dog). Owww, or better yet, my family actually finds a decent house and we move in before the big snowstorm and then i could debut my snow-brian version 2 ... or maybe that would be a bad idea (lonely/only child in her 20s building a snow figure ... might bring out some unwanted 1st impressions).

Maybe i will take up something in the winter ... i promised myself that during the summer, since i wasnt going to class i should do something ... apparently i didnt, and chances are i wouldn't be during winter ... but will make effort to try.

I was looking into getting a minor in sociology with a specialist in accounting. I dunno why, i think sociology is pretty interesting, plus i am on my way of getting 2.5 credits on sociology, why not drag it out to 4? Extra credits are fine by me, I'm just gonna be paying for it and such ... and with the recent economy and the layoffs, maybe i want to stay in school for a little longer and get a McJob ... Oh, and then i saw a brochure about cinema studies that i couldnt keep my eyes off and then i started thinking if i should get a minor in cinema studies ... yeah ... that would probably be too much on my plate ... And i was wondering it i get my degree, if i can take a minor at st george ... meh ... maybe ill think about it during the summer of whenever i graduate ....

Can't wait till school is over, Dec 10, which is my law exam. And then i can put my worries aside until january rolls along. I wonder how the York students are coping withe the strike.. its still on right?

I think i should start writing my notes for sociology, hopefully this long essay length posts will somewhat replace my minor paragraphs from the previous days.

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