Sunday, November 2, 2008

Argh textbooks!!!

Is there still a point of having textbooks in a technological world? I mean, i remember we had a CD for gr 12 Calculus that was the whole textbook in, if i can recall, pdf form. Argh, majority of courses require a bulky and/or multiple textbooks, and these textbooks go obsolete per say in like 3 years max. Soo uncertain if you should buy used of new, can you resell it, or will it collect dust like the others? Some of them come with a CD, but usually for additional studies. Argh, books cost sooo much, especially when they are published in the current year! Why kill trees? Why must you torture us students that are already knee's deep in debt? Yes, please make more bulky textbook full of photos and no substance, i need to add more paper cuts to my collection, and might as well book an appointment in advance for my future back problems... Yes the government does somewhat reimburse for the textbook fees, but the full $300 will be implemented next year.

Yes, people do photocopy the textbook which helps reduce costs, but that means using more papers (and wasting more time at a photocopier)!

Wouldn't converting from textbook to CD more eco friendly and cost saving? I'd go onto more detail, but afraid that everything i studied for today will do down the drain ...

Ohh, i was reviewing for my canadian economic history coming up this week, and there's a section about beavers. Well, beaver pelts and the fur trade between the natives and HBC/English, depletion and competition from the French and something about Fort Albany, York and Churchill and all the nitty gritty details in between!

So, my pea sized brain was able to link textbooks to trees, trees to beavers ... I know, sad.

Thankfully, some courses don't have those bulky textbooks and have electronic readings.
Must review for social network analysis test.

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Joanie.S said...

Very cute beaver cartoon (in full colour even). How do you concentrate on your studies with so much beaver distraction?

I do agree with you about the senseless waste of paper to produce new textbooks every year. I know it's just a way for the profs or authors to make extra money, but I think that's so wrong!!!! You'd think that with the technology we have today, Universities and Colleges would be offering all kinds of courses on cyberspace on a more regular basis. Not only saves on paper, but also saves on travel time and expense. Maybe just have once or twice-a-week in-class sessions so as to have some face-to-face interaction.

Good luck with all your tests & exams.