Monday, December 29, 2008

A list of (very boring) stuff i did during my extended hiatus ...

- Studied for financial accounting exam
- studied from business law exam
- helped mom ith her 'sweatshop' of dog clothing (FYI i didnt get paid for it yet :P)
- listened to a whole lot of Frasier episodes while studying
- had finanical accounting exam from 8-10pm
- had business law exam the following day from 12-2pm
- waited for shuttle after exam which came at 3.30pm that day
- comtemplating on what i should do with the course notes, got ideas to make a bon fire
- went to S's b-day gathering @ harbourfront, ate cake
- attempted to skate after a 10+ years on hiatus, fell on butt 3 times, fell on right hand 3 times and had pruple bruise on palm for days
- went to dinner @ Rodney's and Yuk Yuks with L & K, weren't early enough and had to sit at front, stage left ... deemed either 'freightened asian chicks' if i can recall correctly
- went to read gossip magazines
- wandered countless times to bookstore to read books
- carved a beaver stamp
- make cookies and x-mas (holiday) cards for the gals @ reorg dept
- lugged 7.5 kg care package to post office, to be sent to relatives in Vancouver
- crazy canadian weather hit, wind, snow.. the whole works
- waited 2 hours to get to downtown ven though it usually took max 30mins- got to reorg, didnt wanna leave b/c of weather
- shovelled snow, threw out back
- baked cake for A & M's christmas gathering, got lost trying to figure out where i was
- ate delicious food prep-ed by A & M
bought A LOT of boxes of tissues
- went to library to read more books
- watched Rachel Getting Married, really liked it despite my preferences to comedies rather than dramas
- me and F treated M to a belated b-day dinner @ milestones since jack astors was fully booked on a moday night ...
- bike broke, dunno if its the deraillers (pardon the spelling) or the chain or something, scraped back of leg, surprisd still there
- drew cards, made gift wrap, did some last minute shopping
- had lunch with L, J & K, watched dirty dancing, really enjoyed it, but temporarily went deaf during the finale
- watched winter weather change from powder snow, wet snow, freezing rain, rain
- shovelled again, but stupid city plow undo-ed it
- watch the streets become lake toronto and a skating rink
- laundry-ing
- listened to the wind constantly blowing the cover of the trash/recycle bin lids open and close
- hooked up pc to tv
- watched A LOT of 30 Rock episodes due to wind and weather ... probably can recte the lines
- boxing day went to dufferin mall 3 times, 1st to see if any good deals, 2nd so mom can go clothing shopping, and after all that work, i ended up doing the returns, and 3rd because mom wanted to make potatoe salad so dragged butt down to buy potatoes and eggs and salad dressing
- went to watch Marley and Me, hoping that boxing day would mean empty cinema .. i was soo wrong ... teared up at end of movie...
- didnt get any deals on boxing day, went to indigo, bought a peguin paperweight
- watched Brothers and Sisters season 1 because i wanted to know how everything got started
- won ebay auction for camera
- made egg tarts, disappeared in a mere 24hrs (altough my vice, i didn't eat them all)
- went to library to borrow books and chines dvds for mom, freaked out that my bike would give at any second
- cleaned the house after weeks of not being able to see the floor :P
- mixed alphabet pasta and cream of mushroom soup to create superhybrid soup! not bad, but probably not maretable...
- met with L & J to have dinner at Thai place but didnt know place is closed for holidays, had to settle for japanese place next door
- was joined by K & J to Second City ... trevor the puppet reminded me of Avenue Q
- wind gusts picked up, saw traffic light hanging by a thread (or wire) at corner of spadina and king, it spinned and spinned, dibs on the traffic light!

And that is up to today at this time, whatever that is.
Oh, and i forgot to add the part where i eat like i have a bottomless stomach ...
Now i kinda regret my decision for the super hybrid soup... and i wanna get a new bike... oh, and my system's screwed up since i wake up @ 12pm, and sleep at 3am, mam my systems screwed when school starts again, which is next week...

Winds howling up a storm, hunger setting in....
will call it a night, since it is 12.17am

oww and fyi, tred to make list like list from marley and me, but their's is more witty-er...

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Joanie.S said...

Happy New Year Connie! Nice to see you blogging again.

Your list of stuff doesn't sound so boring, except for the studies/exam/assigment part.

Everyone passing by Kelly's desk at the office is admiring your card artwork. Anastasia & I took our cards home to show off to our families. Kelly interpreted your Xmas card to her,depicting a growling dog chasing the Santa Beaver to be the heavy workload (Growling Dog) trying to take a bite out of her merry life (the Santa Beaver), as she tries to run away from it. I have to agree with her.

I have been spending the holiday season eating, eating & more eating. Thus, either too lazy or too tired to do any blogging. Hope to get back on track soon.

I was hoping for good snow to begin our snowman/snow sculpture building contest over the holidays, but no such luck. Well, winter's not over, so the contest is still on?

What's with the snow shovelling business? I thought that you lived in an Apartment?

I enjoyed your New Year's Resolution List. I haven't given it too much thought, but may make one up. It will be a short list, if I do decide.

Connie, keep hanging around Anastasia and you will become a Social Animal just like her in no time.

All the best for 2009!